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Melchioni Electronics

For over 75 years we have been exploring the electronics sector and selecting the most innovative technologies.

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Melchioni Electronics

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A technological bridge between manufacturers and the local electronic markets

Melchioni Electronics was founded in 1971 within the Melchioni Group, quickly becoming the leading distributor in Europe in the electronics market, distinguishing itself for the quality of the solutions produced and reliability.

From day one, we have chosen to be more than just resellers, becoming a natural extension of our selected market partners through a trained sales force, a Product Marketing team and certified Field Application Engineers.

In this way, we support companies in selecting and adopting the most effective and cutting-edge technologies.

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

By anticipating markets, predicting major changes and exploring innovative technologies, we help companies build the best possible present and guide them towards the most effective solutions for designing the future.


For us, being our customers’ ally means one thing: gaining trust. The way we do this is through quality.

The ISO 9001 certification process is one of the ways in which we manifest our commitment to conscientious conduct, in compliance with applicable laws and commitments, in all our support, sales and service activities.

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We believe in the creation of value and that it can be not only economic, but also social and environmental.

Melchioni Electronics promotes principles of conscientious conduct within its Environmental Policy, to contribute to a sustainable present and future, both locally and globally.

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Firmly rooted in the past but with an eye on the future.
By interpreting the market, anticipating trends and exploring new solutions, we continue to write a history of innovation and successful challenges every day.