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Powering Impact In Antenna Mobility

Automotive OEMs across the globe are announcing aggressive plans to launch new models of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and full-hybrid electric vehicles (FHEV).

Both BEVs and PHEVs are experiencing double-digit growth rates. BEVs bring smooth, quiet, emissions-free transportation to the market. PHEVs add performance and luxury tiers with range extension capabilities and all-electric drive modes. FHEVs continue to enhance fuel economy and quell concerns with “range anxiety” since they use traditional petroleum-based fuel sources.

Powering Impact In Antenna Mobility
Powering Impact In Antenna Mobility

2J Antennas provides off-the-shelf and custom antenna solutions designed for the ground transportation industry. Whether for a simple GNSS navigation solution or for a more complex in-vehicle 5G MIMO system securing uninterrupted and reliable data throughput of new-gen networks, our comprehensive portfolio covers all application requirements. This industry demands high precision, secure, and reliable data through put for new generation networks that meet the increased demand for new in-vehicle communications systems. Our antennas pass certification requirements and are designed to comply with global market regulations. Selecting the most suitable antenna for the proper application is critical for performance, installation, and usage needs. 2J Antennas offers an easy guide to choosing the right antenna for the right job. Three main categories based on usage requirements are Ground Transportations Connectivity, Mobile Critical Communications, and Vehicle Operability and Services.

Powering Impact In Antenna Mobility


When it comes to travel and connectivity, convenience is key for all users while on the go. Our antennas are designed for commercial in-vehicle routers of public transportation such as buses, trains, trams, subways, and e-mobility that require secure and reliable connectivity. Compatibility to the new generation 5G NR and/or 4G LTE Cellular Networks provides in-vehicle mobile hotspots for all passengers.

The antennas in this portfolio are designed for vehicle to passenger connectivity by offering high-performance MIMO configurations. Our 5-in-1 and 9-in-1 combination antennas consolidate multiple wireless technologies resulting in higher functionality, easier installation, lower space requirements, and lower cost.

These 2J Antennas solutions are ultra-reliable, industry-trusted products built for the task.


As critical communications are highly essential, public safety, emergency, first response services, and operators rely on uninterrupted reception and secure connection. These protocols demand high precision antennas to sustain this wireless ecosystem. With this vital factor in mind, we have developed robust, heavy- duty, durable antennas to be operable in extreme conditions and feature easy-to-use temporary mounts. Applications for this purpose are often combined with other technologies such as 4G LTE and GPS to expand the abilities of high data throughput and geolocation information at the same time.


This portfolio includes antennas commonly used in automobiles and aftermarket connectivity solutions to provide wireless functionality to the end-user while simultaneously gathering data from vehicle operations and conditions such as telemetry and geolocation. This data is used in fleet management, agriculture, and the construction industry, worldwide and focuses on improving operational efficiencies that ultimately reduce fuel consumption and operating costs. Antennas for well-known, established technologies such as FM, DAB radio, 4G LTE, and other cellular antennas are also available.

These products are engineered to meet the highest standards, making them the perfect choice for these applications.