Ø1.18″ Circular CTP OLED with Knob

Melchioni Electronics presents New WINSTAR Round OLED with CTP and KNOB.

The round OLED WEO128128D-CTP+Knob model is an extension item which equipped with capacitive touch screen and a control knob on module, it’s an Ø1.18″ circular COG type OLED display; made of resolution 128×128 dots.

This module is built in with SSD1327 IC, it supports 4-line SPI and I2C interface, supply voltage for logic 3V (typical value), 1/128 driving duty. This WEO128128D-CTP+Knob model is built in with IT7259 touch panel IC on module, which supports I2C interface, one detect point for capacitive touch screen.

This round OLED extended WEO128128D model featured with capacitive touch screen and Knob is ideal for applications which required a control knob on devices such as smart home applications, intelligent technology devices, audio system, etc.

This module can be operating at temperatures from -20°C to +50°C; its storage temperatures range from -30°C to +70°C.

Team Melchioni Electronics