In this issue you will find the following topics:

  1. 4″ RGB High Brightness IPS TFT WF40ESWAA6DNN0, Winstar – a High Brightness 4inch Square IPSTFT-LCD module; made of resolution 480×480 pixels.
  2. 7″ MIPI High Brightness IPS TFT WF70A8SYAHMNN0, Winstar – a 7 inch MIPI DSI interface High Brightness1024x600 IPS TFT-LCD module.
  3. 10.1″ MIPI IPS TFT WF101JSYAHMNB0 with PCAP Touch, Winstar – a 10.1 inch MIPI DSI interface High Brightness 1024×600 IPS TFT-LCD module with projected capacitive touch panel(PCAP).
  4. 12.3″ LVDS IPS TFT WF123BSWAYLNB0 with PCAP Touch, Winstar – 12.3 inch LVDS High Brightness 1920×720 IP STFT-LCD module with projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP)
  5. Cover Lens Thickness Options for Winstar7″ TFT Displays, Winstar – For industrial applications, thick cover lenses provide extra protection for TFT Displays.
  6. Resistive Multi-Touch, RMT, AMT – Compared to the standard resistive touch screen, the RMT supports up to 5 finger touches, with 2- fingers gesture.