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Newland Scanning Technology: Simplifying AIDC Solutions

Newland EMEA (Newland Europe BV), established in 2009 in the Netherlands, has been a pioneer in simplifying AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technology. In a world where barcode and 2D code scanners were often perceived as complex and exclusive, Newland set out on a mission to make scanning simple and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Newland Scanning Technology Across Industries:

    1. Retail: Newland's scanning solutions enhance efficiency in retail operations, from price checking to streamlined inventory management.
    2. Events: In event management, Newland scanners facilitate access control, ticketing, and visitor tracking, ensuring a seamless experience for attendees.
    3. Tourism: Tourist attractions and destinations utilize Newland's technology for ticketing, guided tours, and visitor engagement, enhancing the overall visitor experience.
    4. Warehousing: In warehouse management, Newland scanners play a crucial role in inventory tracking, order picking, and ensuring accurate deliveries.
    5. Healthcare: Newland's scanners are employed for patient identification, medication tracking, and improving overall healthcare processes.
    6. Logistics: Logistics companies benefit from Newland's technology in proof of delivery, shipment tracking, and optimizing supply chain operations.
    7. Manufacturing: Manufacturers leverage Newland scanners for quality control, process monitoring, and inventory management on the factory floor.
    8. Entertainment: In the entertainment industry, Newland scanners simplify ticketing, access control at venues, and merchandise management.
    9. Industrial: Newland's scanners are used in various industrial applications, such as equipment maintenance, asset tracking, and process monitoring.

Newland Scanning Applications:

    1. Access Control: Newland scanners provide secure access control solutions for businesses and events, enhancing safety and efficiency.
    2. Click & Collect: Streamline the online shopping experience with Newland's efficient scanning solutions for click and collect services.
    3. Document Tracking: Improve document management and tracking with Newland's advanced scanning technology.
    4. Fieldwork: Newland scanners are essential tools for fieldwork, enabling data collection and analysis in remote locations.
    5. Vaccine Passport: Facilitate the verification of vaccination status with Newland's reliable scanning solutions.
    6. Kiosk Integration: Enhance self-service kiosk systems with Newland's seamless integration capabilities.
    7. Price Checking: Retailers can offer customers quick and accurate price checks using Newland's scanning technology.
    8. Self Service: Improve customer service with self-service options powered by Newland's user-friendly scanners.
    9. Proof of Delivery: Logistics companies can ensure transparency and customer satisfaction with Newland's proof of delivery solutions.

In conclusion, Newland EMEA is reshaping the AIDC landscape by simplifying scanning technology. Their versatile scanners find applications across diverse industries, enhancing efficiency and customer experiences. Whether it's retail, healthcare, logistics, or manufacturing, Newland's scanning solutions are driving innovation and simplification.

High-Speed Image Capture Technology:

Newland's UIMG Image Technology represents a breakthrough in high-speed moving image capture. With anti-fouling treatment technology, these scanners deliver exceptional accuracy with precision rates of:

  • Linear: 0.7ppm
  • PDF417: 1.1 ppm
  • Matrix: 1.7ppm

Motion tolerance is equally impressive:

  • Linear imager: Up to 100 cm/s
  • Area imager: Up to 250 cm/s

2D Barcode Decoder Chip (System on Chip):

Newland's patented decoder chip technology revolutionizes barcode scanning. By integrating image processing and decoding on a specially designed 2D barcode chip, Newland achieves:

  • Swift decoding
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Simplified design complexity
  • Compact size suitable for OEM applications
  • Cost reduction

This innovative approach is the optimal solution for products with well-defined scanning requirements.

EasySet Software:

EasySet Software: Newland's EasySet software simplifies scanner programming and configuration. It offers:

  • Direct configuration for individual scanners
  • Cloning of configurations
  • Firmware updates
  • Data analysis tools
  • Live display of images captured by Newland's 2D scanners

EasySet not only streamlines configuration but also aids in identifying the right scanner solutions during pre-sales processes, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

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In conclusion, Newland's latest innovations in barcode technology empower businesses with enhanced scanning capabilities. Whether you need high-speed image capture, efficient decoding, or user-friendly software, Newland provides solutions that boost accuracy, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency in barcode scanning applications.

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