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Via Pietro Colletta, 37 20135 Milano Milano Italy
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MILAB - Melchioni Lab

Tailored IPC Solutions

The Melchioni Lab

MILAB is Melchioni's facility for the integration, assembly and testing of PC solutions in the industrial environment.

Our strengths:

  • Assembly lines managed directly by the IPC Business Unit (BU) team to guarantee innovative proposals, tailored to customer applications, technically reliable and with production longevity over time
  • Pre-sales support for the identification and proposal of the solution in line with project specifications and customer requirements
  • The technical support of the IPC Business Unit is constantly updated by our supplier-partners by participating in technical training and certification. This allows us to efficiently tackle the evaluation, qualification and production phases for the delivered IPC solutions
  • Careful analysis and selection of hardware and software components to ensure maximum reliability and longevity of the solution
  • Customisation of the solution in various areas... mechanics, electrical characteristics, input & output interfaces, BIOS, cabling
  • Support on request also in the areas of thermal analysis, extended operating temperature systems and certifications
  • Supply, integration and support of Microsoft® Windows™ and Linux packages Supply and integration of customer software applications
  • End-of-line burn-in testing as agreed with the customer After-sales technical support from the FAE team of the IPC BU

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Related to the area:

  • 180sqm separate area in the company to ensure access for dedicated personnel in safety
  • Dedicated entrance from parking area

The area is divided into zones:

  1. Assembly
  2. Burn-in testing
  3. Customer zone: for setting up their equipment with the proposed IPC machines
  4. Inbound and outbound material and IPC

Melchioni Lab Numbers

Melchioni Lab's value-added services


  • Full range of customised industrial PCs on x86 and ARM architectures
  • Extended temperature / tropicalised solutions
  • Different chassis mechanics (Rack, Box, DIN-rail, Desktop) and customised to customer specification
  • BIOS customisation
  • Dedicated internal and external wiring for IPC solutions
  • Customer-specific integration of peripherals and accessories to the PC (boards, modules, external interfaces)
  • Customer-specific labelling and packaging
  • We have the operating system knowledge to guarantee maximum technical support and system configuration (Linux, Win10 IOT Embedded and Professional, Windows Server and previous versions such as WES/C7, ..)
  • Retrofitting of obsolete IPCs that are no longer available with equivalent solutions, also offering high solution delivery times depending on the type of requirement
  • Reliability and flexibility in the supply of prototypes and volume production
  • Supply management with scheduled delivery plans in accordance with what has been agreed to guarantee full support for the customer's production

After-Sales Support

  • Full technical and commercial support from the Sales and Technical team
  • RMA management according to warranty terms. Dedicated out-of-warranty support with solution proposals
  • Obsolescence (EOL) management with constant updates to users and consequent support for migration to new equivalent solutions
  • Management of dedicated delivery plans, which in the event of replacement of EOL systems, allow qualification times to be covered towards new solutions, guaranteeing migration

Complementary skills

  • Support for interfacing with displays, TFT and touch screens
  • Integration and configuration with power supply / UPS

Cybersecurity support

  • Provision and configuration of cybersecurity solutions with End-point Security and Data Encryption solutions. Installed in supplied and non-supplied IPC systems
  • Integration of cybersecurity in the area of networks (Networking Security) with hardware and/or software Firewall systems