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We are your partner for transforming your lighting ideas into reality

At Melchioni you will not only find the ideal LED for your application, but also complete kits and all the elements necessary to give shape to your lighting projects: from drivers to optics, from heat sinks to wiring, up to the necessary know-how, with the possibility of testing the finished product. Since 2009, we have been helping our customers find their way through the vast range of products available and guiding them towards the best solutions for each specific project. We supply finished boards and COBs that are already certified and comply with the European Ecodesign standard.


  • Filters

Heat sinks

  • Thermal interface
  • Heatsink

Chip Driver

  • IC drivers

Special Solution

  • OLED White


  • Reflectors
  • Lens
  • Diffusors


  • White
  • Special
  • RGB
  • Modules
  • Ir
  • Color

Driver Modules for LEDs

  • IC drivers
  • DC-DC
  • Comms
  • AC-DC


  • Instruments

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