Industrial PC

PC boards, power supplies, chassis, boxed PCs, panel PCs and subsystems, all the way up to complete platforms

We design and build your tailor-made ecosystem

In the early 2000s, we began looking at the emerging world of embedded applications in industry. In just a few years we became the reference in distribution for leading manufacturers such as Advantech, iBASE, Fujitsu and Engicam. From the outset, we have complemented our range of industrial PC boards with complementary accessories such as memories, power supply units and chassis and then moved on to finished products such as boxed PCs, panel PCs and related subsystems. Our experience has also led us to create an ecosystem of product manufacturers to accompany industrial PCs in the areas of video management, wiring and networking, enabling us to supply complete industrial platforms to customer specifications, including for vertical markets such as the medical, transportation and marine sectors. Today we are also talking about software dedicated to IOT and Augmented Reality applications, providing them integrated onto our industrial hardware solutions. Our consulting approach both in the pre-sales phase, identifying solutions based on customer needs, and in the post-sales phase characterises both our technical and logistical relationship with customers. Our strong synergy with Visual and Networking Business Units completes the picture of the Distributor Solution Provider that characterises us.

Rugged Tablet PC

  • Industrial Tablet PC

Operating Systems

  • Software

Single Board Computers

  • Slot SBC and Backplanes

Panel PC and Monitors

  • Panel PC

Embedded PC

  • Embedded PC

Industrial Motherboards

  • Single Board Computer
  • Industrial Motherboard

Industrial RAM modules

  • DRAM Modules

Industrial Flash Memories

  • USB Flash Drives
  • SSD 1,8” e 2,5”
  • SD microSD
  • M.2
  • CF


  • UPS

Computer On Module

  • Computer On Module
  • ARM based modules

Industrial Chassis

  • Industrial Computer Chassis

IPC power supply units

  • Power Inverter
  • Medical PSU
  • DC DC Converters
  • Battery Monitoring Solution
  • Battery charger

DIN Rail Power Supply Units

  • Railway PSU

Industrial PC accessories

  • Switching box vga
  • Kit accessori
  • Extender KVM
  • Cavi Lightning

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