Display products

For over 40 years, we have been pioneers on the display product market

Displays and touch screen solutions: from products to specialist advice for your display project

We have been following the evolution of the display electronics market for over 40 years. Experience, knowledge and a willingness to experiment have taken us from being the first to introduce the capacitive touch display in the challenging industrial environment to becoming the reference distributor for displays and touch screen solutions. The variety of companies we represent allows us to meet all display needs. We support customers by developing customised solutions and tailor-made wiring for integration with their machines, quickly providing samples and test kits.

Touch screens

  • Resistive Touch
  • Projected Capacitive Touch


  • TFT

Stretched TFT

  • Stretched TFT


  • OLED


  • Monitor

Graphic LCD

  • Graphic (COG-COB-TAB)

Character LCD

  • Alphanumeric (COG-COB-TAB)


  • LCD Custom


  • Epaper


  • Visual cables

AD Boards

  • TFT controller kit

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