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IBASE offers x86- and RISC-based industrial motherboards, embedded systems, panel PCs, digital signage players, and network appliances for applications in the AIoT, industrial automation, smart retail, networking & communication, intelligent transportation, and medical sectors.

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About iBASE

iBASE Technology specializes in the design and manufacturing of robust industrial PC products, delivering high quality products and excellent service since its establishment in 2000. IBASE carries out manufacturing and quality control at its own facilities in Taiwan that are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 standards. Current product offerings comprise of x86- and RISC-based industrial motherboards, single board computers, embedded fanless systems, edge computers, panel PCs, digital signage players and network appliances for applications in the AIoT, industrial automation, smart retail, intelligent transportation, networking & communication and medical sectors. The company is now a leading global provider of innovative industrial computers and edge computing products.

iBASE has three manufacturing sites in Taiwan. Designs, manufactures and implements strict quality control to supply excellent industrial computer products 100% made in Taiwan. In addition to off-the-shelf products, IBASE also specializes in ODM/JDM and design-in full design services, tailoring products to fully meet customers' expectations and the needs of various applications. With manufacturing and quality control capabilities recognized by major international companies, IBASE boasts of strong innovative R&D teams and flexible & timely products delivery.

AIOT – Artificial intelligence of things is blooming in marketplace application. How can you start to implement it in your systems?

Embracing the Future: The synergy of Artificial Intelligence and IoT is reshaping industries. Continuous learning and optimization propel efficient reading and testing methods, surpassing conventional approaches. AIoT's rapid evolution across smart factories, security monitoring, intelligent transportation, and medical environments showcases its transformative impact.

Market Momentum: The global AI in IoT market is projected to soar at a CAGR of 27.86% over the next 5 years. The demand stems from the need to process vast real-time data, enhance performance management, and minimize downtime. Despite this growth, challenges persist, including a shortage of skilled workers and concerns about data security.

Unleashing Potential: The amalgamation of AI and IoT fuels intelligent machines, facilitating rational decision-making with minimal human intervention. Companies worldwide recognize IoT as a pivotal element for business success, emphasizing digital transformation and the creation of new business models.

Security Concerns: While AI and IoT offer unprecedented benefits, data security remains a paramount concern. Safeguarding sensitive information is crucial, especially as these technologies collect vital data from users. Addressing security challenges is imperative for sustaining market growth.

Global Impact: The AI in IoT market's growth is amplified by the dynamic duo's role during the COVID-19 pandemic. From scalable computing power for healthcare to remote learning solutions, AI-enabled IoT devices have become indispensable in addressing unprecedented challenges.

Industry Revolution: Manufacturing industries are embracing 100% automated data management systems powered by AI. Efficient monitoring, optimization of equipment performance, and human-to-machine interaction drive faster and more effective manufacturing and supply chain operations, reducing product cycle time.

North American Dominance: North America leads in AI in IoT adoption, with a surge in early adopters, innovative manufacturing facilities, and a focus on digital upskilling. The region's higher awareness and cloud adoption rate contribute to its market dominance.

Rise of Robotics: Intelligent robots are key drivers in the AI in IoT market. North America stands out as a hub for robotics innovation, fostering market growth through increased adoption and application in various industries.

Global Players: The AIoT market is highly competitive, with major players adopting strategies like product innovation, partnerships, and acquisitions. Companies like IBASE Technology contribute to the market's growth by providing robust industrial PC products and innovative solutions.

IBASE Technology specializes in rugged industrial PCs and edge gateways that harness high-end processors. These systems can seamlessly integrate advanced AI chips, including GPUs and FPGAs, enabling them to perform multiple simultaneous high-speed computations. This capability is particularly geared towards deep learning implementations, resulting in enhanced accuracy and performance.


Control Center or Control Room:

iBASE Transportation

  • Utilized for real-time analysis and management of traffic flow in smart cities
  • Optimizes operational processes in smart factories

Medical AIoT Application:

iBASE Medical

  • Customized 3D visualization system for real-time 3D vision of endoscopic surgical images
  • Converts 2D endoscopic images into 3D, enhancing accuracy and safety in minimally invasive surgery

In essence, IBASE's rugged industrial PCs and edge gateways, equipped with advanced AI capabilities, cater to diverse applications such as traffic management in smart cities and advanced medical imaging for surgical procedures, showcasing their versatility and performance in real-time AI analysis scenarios.